Fire Danger Season


Fire Danger Season


The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) Chief Officer has delegation under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, to declare the Fire Danger Season dates each year, which vary in each Fire Ban District.

Fire Danger Season dates for the Copper Coast

1st of November 2018 - 30th April 2019

The dates are subject to change as a result of varying factors throughout the Fire Danger period, for example:

  • abnormally wet winter causing an increase in growth (density and height) of fire fuel materials
  • abnormally dry summer resulting in a reduction in new season growth.

Please refer to the South Australian Country Fire Service website for updates. 


Fire Ban Status

During the Fire Danger Season, the CFS will set the Fire Danger Rating every day for each District.   Fire Danger Ratings are an indicator of how dangerous a bushfire could be.  The six (6) ratings are:

  • Low-Moderate
  • High
  • Very High
  • Severe - Total Fire Ban
  • Extreme - Total Fire Ban
  • Catastrophic - Total Fire Ban

The CFS has prepared a Fire Danger Rating chart to assist you with understanding the predicted bushfire behaviour, potential impacts and recommend actions for each category. 


Restrictions During Fire Danger Season

During the Fire Danger Season, there are strict controls on the lighting of fires and the use of certain tools and equipment in the open.

A Schedule 9 Permit must be obtained by Council to burn (have a fire and/or fire activities) a day that is not declared a Total Fire Ban.  For further information, refer to Fire Permits.

On a Total Fire Ban Day, no burning is permitted and all Fire Permits are automatically revoked.

Check todays fire ban status here.


Restrictions Outside Fire Danger Season

The CFS, in conjunction with Grain Producers SA, Primary Producers SA and the State Government has developed new Codes of Practice for Broad Acre and Vegetation Pile Burning as well as for the use of Prescribed Tools.

The Codes take into account lessons learned from recent out-of-season bushfires. They are designed as a guide to the South Australian farming community. They cover:

  • safe out-of-fire season land management practices
  • safe use of friction cutting tools and welders which may be an ignition source for fire at any time of the year.

Visit to view the following Codes of Practices:

  • Wood Fire Pizza Ovens - CFS Code of Practice
  • Comfort Fires - CFS Code of Practice
  • Grain Harvesting - CFS Code of Practice
  • Bees - CFS code of Practice
  • Mowing and Slashing - CFS Code of Practice
  • Broad Acre Burning - CFS Code of Practice
  • Vegetation Rubbish Pile Burning - CFS Code of Practice
  • Use of Metal Cutting Tools and Welders - CFS Code of Practice



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