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Port Hughes Boat Ramp Upgrade

Port Hughes Boat Ramp

The Port Hughes Boat Ramp upgrade proposal was recently presented to the South Australian Boating Facilities Advisory Committee and received funding of one million dollars.


As part of the upgrade, the existing four-lane ramp would be removed and replaced by a new six lane ramp on the eastern side.

Port Hughes Boat Ramp – Construction Begins

The contractor has recently started the redevelopment of the Port Hughes Boat Ramp.


The final construction plan has eliminated any closures during the redevelopment period.


Our aim will be to keep any other disturbances to the users to a bare minimum.


Signage has been installed on the project site to advise users of the plans and to keep everyone up to date with the project.


Thanks again to SABFAC for contributing $1,040,000 to this project. Works will include; a new launching area with 6 ramps, deepening of the harbour, improvements to the boat rinsing area and raising of existing breakwaters.

 Port Hughes Boat Ramp Redevelopment

Port Hughes Boat Ramp Stage 2 Excavation(970 kb)
Port Hughes Boat Ramp Project Update July 12th 2016(556 kb)
Port Hughes Boat Ramp Design July 2016(273 kb)



Port Hughes Boat Ramp Update - October 2017 Newsletter

Port Hughes Boat Ramp Update October 2017


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