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Green Waste

Green Waste Collection

Council has an optional green waste collection service.

To join this service, residents are required to purchase a 240 litre bin lime green lid/dark green body bin. The bins can be purchased from Wardles Garbage Contractors, or any other supplier of the bins.

When a bin has been purchased the resident is then required to purchase a yearly sticker from the Council Office for $150 (part yearly fees apply from 1st January) which entitles the resident to the collection.

This bin is purely for the collection of garden clippings/trimmings and will then be collected on a monthly basis.

The collection will take place:

  • the fourth Wednesday of the month for Wallaroo and Kadina residents and
  • the fourth Thursday of the month for Moonta, Moonta Bay, Port Hughes and Paskeville residents. See below for actual dates.
For collection days please download the Calendar detailing your households collection days. 


Green Waste Vouchers

Green Waste Vouchers Header


Waste management, including recycling is quickly becoming one of the key challenges for all communities throughout Australia. Currently the State Government’s waste levy is charged at $50 per tonne an increase from $24 tonne in 2015. This State Government impost contributes to approximately 40% of the fees charged at the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) at Wallaroo.  Unfortunately, these increases have to be absorbed by the fees we charge you at the RRC and through your general rates. 


On top of the increased waste levy, China recently made a decision to restrict the importing of recycled materials. This meant that the cost of disposing of our recyclables has increased from $16 per tonne to $45 per tonne. That’s a 185% increase. To avoid having to increase your rates above the levels planned in the Long Term Financial Plan, the Elected Members decided to reduce services to fund this cost increase. As part of that process the decision was made to remove the Free Green Waste vouchers.  Had the Elected Members chosen not to do that, your general rates would have had a substantial increase this year to cover these increased waste costs.

Unfortunately whatever way it was tackled the additional cost of processing the waste had to be passed on to our community because the State Government didn’t help out by reducing the Waste Levy or give some of it back to Councils.


Recycling remains an ongoing focus for our community and we encourage our Ratepayers to explore ways to reduce their Green Waste such as on-site composting or mulching for re-use in the garden. 


If you want to know what the State Government does with the millions of dollars it collects from South Australian residents through the waste levies you pay, you can speak with your local member Fraser Ellis. Contact details are;




51 Robert Street, MAITLAND SA 5573

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