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With the onset of the warmer weather you may have noticed your garden becoming a buzzing hive of activity, with bees resting on your shrubs and trees and flowers as they wait for their scouts to map out a journey from their hives to their new nesting site.

During this time, unfortunately, bees can build nests/hives in trees in your yard, or worse in the wall cavaties and ceiling voids, or other nooks and crannies around the home.

This not only increases the risk of being stung, but also of attracting other pests such as carpet beetles, wax moths, meal moths and other scavenging insects such as cockroaches, to your home.

Bee Prevention

It can be quite difficult to prevent a bee swarm from entering your property, especially if you are in an area where hives may already be located. If you do see bees swarming in your yard, the best idea is to keep your family and pets indoors until they move on, which usually happens within a few hours.

There are ways to discourage bees from nesting at your property, your local pest controller can advise you of the best method.

What You Can Do

Council will only remove bees from Council property if they impact on the use of the property or pose a threat to Council employees or the general public. 


If you have any issues with bees please contact either an apiarist/beekeeper or Pest Controller (i.e. Hamilton's or Laidlaw's in our area).
You can try searching in our business directory by clicking here (keyword bees),
alternatively the following link will take you to an external website where you can report a bee swarm and find local apiarist:


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