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Payment of Rates

Rates are payable in four approximately equal instalments. You may elect to pay any instalment in advance. We will send you further notices for each quarter. If the amount due remains unpaid after the due date, it may be recovered in a court of competent jurisdiction.


Council Rate Payment Schedule 2018/2019


Due By

1st Quarter 1st September 2018
2nd Quarter 1st December 2018
3rd Quarter 1st March 2019
4th Quarter 1st June 2019

To find out about the various ways that you can pay your rates please click here.

Fines on Rates

Rates will be overdue if they have not been paid by the "last day for payment" shown on the front of your notice. After this date, additional charges will apply:-

  • a fine of 2% of the amount due will be added immediately and
  • at the end of each month thereafter, interest (at the rate prescribed in the Local Government Act 1999) will be added on any balance (including interest) not then paid.

Rates Concession

State Government Concessions -

The state government provides a "Cost of Living Concession", as well as water and sewerage concessions for council Community Wastewater Management Schemes (CWMS) or council provided water. These payments may be used for any purpose, including offsetting Council rates. To check eligibility contact the ConcessionsSA Hotline 1800 307 758 or go to

Should you be eligible for a state government funded concession this will be paid directly to you by the Department of Human Services and is not provided via your rates notice.


Persons experiencing hardship may seek assistance from Council; contact phone (08) 8828 1200 for a confidential discussion or email

Council Rebates

Certain persons/and or organisations may be eligible for a rebate, eg community groups, health and education organisations etc. Phone (08) 8828 1200 or email for further information.

Postponement of rates - seniors

Ratepayers who hold a State seniors card (or who are eligible to hold a State seniors card and have applied for one) are able to apply to Council to postpone payment of rates on their principal place of residence. Postponed rates remain as a charge on the land and are not required to be repaid until the property is sold or disposed of. Phone (08) 8828 1200 or email for further information.

Natural Resources Management Levy

The Natural Resource Management levy is a State tax.  Councils are required to collect it under the NRM Act.  Enquiries should be directed to the Northern and Yorke NRM Board, phone, 8841 3400 website

Change of Address or Ownership 

Please advise Council, in writing, immediately if your details have changed. Details can be emailed to

Objection to Valuation

You may object to the valuation referred to in this notice by lodging a writing objection to the Valuer-General (within 60 days) after the date of this notice.

But note:

(a)   if you have previously received a notice or notices under the Local Government Act 1999 referring to the valuation and informing you of a 60 day objection period; the objection period is 60 days after service of the first such notice;

(b)   you may not object to the valuation if the Valuer-General has already considered an objection by you to that valuation for the current financial year.

The Valuer General may extend the 60 day objection period where it be shown there is reasonable cause to do so by a person entitled to make an objection to a valuation.

A written objection to valuation must set out the full and detailed grounds for objection.  Objection information can be found at

Differential Rates (and or charges) imposed by rates (and or charges) are still due by the due date even if an objection has been lodged.

Objections are to be forwarded to:

State Valuation Office, GPO Box 1354, Adelaide 5001

101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide 5000

Phone  1300 653 345


Objection to Land Use

Differential General Rates imposed by the Council are based on various Land Use Categories. Should you have any reason to believe that the Land Use Category applied to your account is incorrect, you may lodge a written objection to Council outlining the grounds upon which your objection is based. Objections must be submitted to Council within 60 days of receiving your notice. The 60 day objection period may be extended by the Council where it can be shown there is reasonable cause. Rates are still due and payable by the due date even if an objection has been lodged. The Council may, in its discretion, allow an extension of time if a person entitled to make an objection shows that there is reasonable cause to do so.

Voters Roll

Persons on the State House of Assembly Electoral Roll are automatically included in the Council Voters Roll and entitled to vote in Council elections. Others who are ratepayers may also be entitled to be enrolled on the Council Voters Roll but will need to apply for enrolment. If you have any queries please contact Katrina Borlace on (08) 8828 1200.

Click here to go to the Electoral Commission of South Australia website.

Have your views heard?

Council has undertaken community consultation on the draft annual business plan.  If you are concerned or worried about your Council rates, contact Katrina Borlace on phone (08) 88281200 or email

A summary of Council's annual business plan is sent out with the first rates notice each financial year.  The full version is available by clicking here.

The Local Government Association website has information on their site about Council Rates. (click link)

Rating Policy

Adoption of Valuation and Declaration of Rates 2018/2019

Rates - Frequently Asked Questions

Rating Policy

Services and Activities


No responsibility will be accepted for payments by post that do not reach the Council Office by the due date, and fines will be imposed in the normal manner.

Post Billpay:

Payment may be made at any Post Office with Billpay facilities.                  Post Billpay
The minimum amount payable at Australia Post is $10.00

Telephone payment may also be made through the Post Billpay Service, please phone 13 18 16.  Follow the recorded directions, quoting Billpay code 2845 and the customer reference number shown next to the Billpay symbol on the payment slip.

Pay Online:    Visit and follow the links to pay with Mastercard and Visa.


Paying by Telephone:

BPAY: Biller Code 45773

Please call your participating bank or other financial institution to make this payment directly from your nominated savings, cheque or credit/debit card account.
Please quote Biller Code 45773 and your Council Reference No. on your payment slip(s).


Paying by the Internet:

Contact your financial institution for availability of this option via BPAY.


Paying in Person:

Present your Rate Notice intact with your payment to the Kadina office of the Copper Coast Council. EFTPOS Facilities are available.


Mailing Your Payment:

Make cheques payable to the Copper Coast Council. Please detach remittance slip and return together with your cheque/money order to:
Copper Coast Council, PO Box 396, KADINA S.A. 5554


If your present mailing address is different from the address on your rate notice, please advise the Council in writing immediately, or email .

IF YOU SELL YOUR PROPERTY, please advise the council of the full name and address of the new owner IMMEDIATELY, to avoid you receiving further accounts.


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