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Parking Control

Park Car Lines

Parking Control

The Copper Coast Council, along with our ratepayers want a safe and happy community.

State Legislation requires that Councils must be responsible for the enforcement of parking control. This enforcement is not due to the need to raise revenue, but rather to ensure the safety and convenience of pedestrians and motorists.

Schools and other No Stopping areas

At most of the schools within the Copper Coast you will find “No Stopping” areas and/or Parking restrictions. If you as a driver park in these areas, which for some are restricted due to blind spots and/or a hazard for children, you may be the cause of an accident. It is also an offence to set down or pick up a person in these areas or stop a vehicle on the road edge in an area marked with a continuous yellow edge line.

Disabled Parking

In most car parks and some streets, parking areas are reserved for holders of disabled permits only. If you hold a disabled permit, a current permit must be displayed on the vehicle.  Council officers can enforce all disabled parks in the area, including private car parks.

Reserves and Footpaths

Driving or parking on a reserve, dividing strip, footpath or verge or entering back into the flow of traffic could cause a serious accident. Driving, riding or parking on a reserve may cause damage to the reserve or the underground watering systems.

Time Limits

Time limits apply to CBD and some other streets within the Copper Coast. They have been set to keep car parks available for shoppers and should not be used for all-day parking.

Penalties and Payment

Under the Expiation of Offences Act, tickets need not be attached to vehicles. Details of the offence may be taken and an expiation notice posted to the offender.

Legal proceedings may be instituted if payment is not made within 28 days. However, Council may accept late payment subject to additional administrative and legal costs being included with the expiation fee.

Seniors Parking Permits

If you hold a current Senior's Card, you may be eligible for a Senior's Parking Permit, which entitles you to park in timed parking spaces for double the time on the signs. For more information contact Council on (08) 8828 1200.

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